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As a child growing up along the Alabama Gulf Coast, Blair Garth began marketing her unique handicrafts at arts and crafts shows. The daughter of an architect and an artist, she gained her talent through both genetics and environment, honing her skills at Louisiana State University where she graduated with a BA degree in Graphic Design in 1985.


Her design firm, EBF Graphics, attracted clients from Hawaii to Holland and from Beverly Hills to the Cayman Islands. In addition to business owner, Blair has mastered a wide variety of art forms including acrylics, mixed media, ceramics, mosaics, print-making, and whatever happens to inspire her at the moment. For the last three years she has focused mainly on mixed-media painting, combining her love of color, texture and design.


In 2014, Blair collaborated with her 80-year-old mother and accomplished artist, Robbie Fischrupp, with a collection of figure drawings Robbie had stowed away for more than 30 years. The result was an intriguing and inspiring series of paintings, each with a special connection to both artists. 


Blair has attended, as well as taught, numerous artists workshops and classes, and has shown her work at various galleries and festivals around the country. When she’s not teaching art in Colorado, or working on mosaic projects with children at local schools, Blair lives at the beach in Perdido Key, Florida with her two daughters and writer/publisher husband, Fred. 

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